About equestrian sports complex

Perevoloka village lies in the picturesque corner of the Galicia, drowning in the greens. Strypa river meanders as a snake along the village. Travertyn rocks shout to one another by the sharp peaks. This is the place, where you can stay alone with nature, consort with animals or simply have a rest. An Equestrian sports complex has recently been opened in Perevoloka. A big stable of European type was built on the banks of two lakes, glittering with mirror water. It is light and cosily for animals here. Riding horsers are brought from Germany. A horse is a wise and kind animal. There are a lot of legends about the glorious horses of our princes. The horse was the best friend for the Cossacks. Nowadays equitation and horseback riding becomes more and more popular kind of active rest. Horseback riding is a freedom, the feeling of flight; it’s the feeling of flying without touching the ground. There are horses of different breeds, ages, and temperaments in the Equestrian sports complex. Professional, friendly trainers and specialists train the horses...
Як грім, як вихор - блискавиця,
Стрілою простір перетне,
Лише земля під ним прогнеться,
І зачарована замре.

В очах не поборима сила,
Магнітний погляд, мов чаклун,
Бурлить свобода в міцних жилах,
Женеться по полях скакун.

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Our strengths

Well maintained horses
Stables European type
Professional trainers
Participants world contests